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We create surprising, interactive web designs to display your big (or small) ideas!

The World Wide Web is an endless digital vista. Its virtual estate houses a fast-growing community of companies and customers who may never have connected in the brick-and-mortar business world. Today, more than 50% of small businesses realise the need to stand-out online. And, frankly, what better way to project your products and services than with a well-designed, custom website that speaks to your brand. Leave a lasting digital impression on your customers, put up shop on a vacant virtual lot with your smarter-than-average website created by AR Design.

Credibility. Visibility. Accessibility.
We know that the average online user is wise to all the big selling buzzwords and we know you’re looking for an effectively designed hook that converts. So we’ll keep our proposition simple. Our websites are functional, good-looking, and they get you found online. There’s nothing more satisfying to your customers than effortlessly browsing their way through your platform and finding themselves exactly where they need to be.
Why Websites Matter?
If you’re scrolling, browsing or buying – chances are you like what you see. A pretty look-and-feel is only one piece of the website puzzle. Once your link gets a click transporting the visitor to your platform, you want to ensure it keeps them there. That’s where a fluid UI design comes in. The best website designs stand out because they’re created with a deliberate understanding of user-intent. A functional design will also impact how well your website performs in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

How We Got Started?

Before registering a name, we knew exactly what we wanted our business to be. Founded in 2017, we are a small but passionate web design shop that peddles in cool ideas and produces smart websites.

– We get excited about every project we undertake.
– We’re skilled at building your concepts into fully-fledged, user-friendly digital designs.
– We’re agile about our business processes and aim to keep you in the loop all along your design journey.
– We’re big on helping small to medium businesses get online to help grow their online presence.
– We pride ourselves with forging new and excellent relationships with our clients.

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